Time to clean house?….um, not without my glass of wine

I try to clean the house on the weekends, you know dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, and kitchen.  My husband does laundry and dishes so that’s helpful.  So believe it or not when I quit drinking, the biggest trigger for my craving to drink again was….cleaning house!, wait what??  I know I know, it was a big surprise for me as well.  It didn’t cross my mind until I started to clean house the first time after I gave up alcohol.  Then I immediately knew why.  For years and years I had always cleaned house with a duster in one hand and a glass of wine in the other…very sophisticated and classy, right?  It just made cleaning house much more inviting and not so tiresome.
Well I knew there had to be some way to solve this problem.  It didn’t take me researching long to figure out the perfect solution to solve my “cleaning house=alcohol craving”.  If the house needed cleaning, than my husband would simply have to do it all.  Perfect, right?  So I informed my husband of my “cleaning house=alcohol craving”, and if he wanted the house clean then he would simply have to do it all himself.  I think his response was something like “uhhhh ok…riight…”
When you stop drinking, you may discover things that could trigger you to crave alcohol.  It may be as simple as hearing a song on the radio that you associate with drinking alcohol.  Turn the knob to a different station.  I used to like coming home from work and rock out to ACDC real loud with a beer.  Don’t worry, it won’t last.  I can listen to my “beer drinking music” with out wanting a beer, and I was able to clean the house again after 6 months.  It doesn’t cause a craving for alcohol anymore.  Now days the thought of a glass of wine doesn’t even enter my head when I clean house.