But I like drinking beer on the golf course

Wait!  I can’t go bowling or golfing with out having a beer. That’s half the fun, and I play better, right?!  Well as for bowling I seemed to play just as good either way.  Oh and I realized that I can have just as much fun bowling with out being totally sloshed.  Now I am a lot more serious about playing golf.  After music, I love playing golf.  My husband taught me to play golf about 10 years ago and he is pretty good…and now I am beating him sometimes.  I did usually like to have a couple beers or three or four…depending if we played nine or eighteen.  Luckily it was winter when I quit drinking.  It was a very mild winter in Germany.  We were able to get out on the course January 2, 2014.  I looked over at the fridge in the club house, but I prefer to drink a nice cold beer in the heat so I was not too tempted.  I could bring my coffee out on the course instead.
We played a lot of golf because the weather was so good and that helped a lot being busy playing this game and not thinking about alcohol.  I think its very therapeutic, fun and relaxing. If you are quitting alcohol it would be helpful to find a sport like this to focus your energy and time on.  Also you will be saving money so you can start to save or spend it on helping you.
As the golf season continued my game improved more that year than it ever had.  And I attribute it to not drinking while playing.  My putting game had improved drastically.  My game still kept on improving more last year as well.  I know my golf game will continue to improve this year when it gets warm enough to play because I am not drinking anymore.  All the other years, I got to a certain point in my golf game and then didn’t continue much improvement at all.  For me this just goes to show that you do play at a higher better level with out alcoholic beverages in your system.  It proved to me that you can still have fun at everything with out imbibing in alcohol.

2 thoughts on “But I like drinking beer on the golf course

  1. Barbara

    You are so strong and you work hard, you are very talented intellectually and physically! I am proud of you and for you!! Life IS good!!!

  2. Chantelle

    How fantastic that you find something positive to fight away the negatives! You are inspirational!

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