Monthly Archives: January 2016

Over 2 years sober

Hi everyone.  Happy new year 2016.  It has been a while since my first postings.  I am now over 2 years sober and have more insight into what it takes to stay sober long term.  I have been in a learning process as to what works to keep me sober.  I haven’t been to any AA meetings.  I have read books and researched the web to develop my own personal recovery process.  I have come up with my own long-term sobriety program called MAGG(Motivation ,Acceptance, Grit and Gratitude).  My next post will be my starting to develop MAGG which I first called my equation for long-term sobriety.  Then I will post more about MAGG which developed over my 2 years of sobriety.  First this next post will reveal how stopping my drinking affected my mind and body.